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Customization Process

At Sphere, we know, and research supports, that training is most effective when absolutely relevant to the individuals being trained -- customized to both the organization and each specific role.  Investing in that level of deep customization has been proven to yield much more effective results.


We consider our deep customization to be a key differentiator.  In every one of our training programs, participants have the opportunity to practice using the skills being trained in the context of their own real life leadership, sales or communications situations.  That highly customized approach increases receptivity to the training and speeds adoption, which means you will see a faster return on your investment in training.


Our team of consultants includes experienced instructional designers who also have firsthand experience in leadership, sales and communications. They have been in roles similar to the individuals being training and have an in-depth understanding of their challenges. 


Customization Consultants follow a time tested, consistent process to understand our clients at an extraordinary level.  They use that knowledge to:

1) customize the training content and

2) transfer knowledge to the facilitation team. 

They gain and pass on such a deep understanding of our client organizations that participants often comment that it is as if our team members are employees of our client organizations. 

Of course, that in depth knowledge can only come from close partnerships with our clients.  We rely on our clients to guide us to the right members of the client team – those individuals who have their finger on the pulse of the organization and can clearly communicate the team’s strengths, areas for improvement, success stories, challenges, and best practices. We then weave the insight we gain from you, along with our own collective knowledge, throughout your training materials, ensuring the final product is uniquely suited to your organization and each audience.

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