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Training Solutions:  
Leadership and Coaching

Strategic planning, communication, performance measurement / management, resource management, team building, coaching, inspiring...leaders need the skill to juggle multiple responsibilities simultaneously, along with the self-discipline to be accountable, take initiative, and role model.

Research overwhelmingly indicates that there is a gap between what organizations are saying they need and the steps many have taken to develop those who will lead their organizations into the future.  Sphere can help with a curriculum relevant for leaders at all levels. A few key programs are highlighted here:

“While leadership development earns
a top spot year after year after year on organizations’ talent priority lists, 36 percent do not have a formal leadership development strategy and 34 percent say they are only average.”

Brandon Hall Group’s 2015
State of Leadership Development Study

Exceptional Leadership:  The Foundation

Effective leaders need multiple core competencies in order to successfully lead their teams.  Yet, 70% of organizations do not have sufficient processes or programs in place to create a standard approach to leadership.  This program addresses the foundational leadership mindset, strategy, and skills related to setting direction, measuring performance/progress against goals, managing resources, empowering team members, and taking accountability and initiative to lead by example and inspire team performance.

Inspirational Coaching for Results

Research indicates that coaching is the leadership skill with the greatest gap.  Yet, it is a critical force multiplier.  Teams that receive just 3 hours of coaching/month exceed goals by 7% vs. teams that don’t receive coaching.  This program prepares anyone who manages people to earn the right to coach, create and sustain a coaching culture, engage in formal and informal coaching conversations, leverage strengths, evaluate skill vs. will, utilize praise, and develop coaching plans to remain focused on incremental improvement across the team.

Leading Change

Research indicates that 70% of all change efforts fail. #1 Reason:  Lack of active, visible, and vocal support from leaders and managers. #2 Reason:  Lack of consistent communication; specifically, under-communication by a factor of 10.  This workshop prepares leaders to develop their change message, identify what that message means for different teams, determine how cascading levels of leaders will support the teams, and analyze the risks to be addressed and key milestones to be achieved as the change process is implemented.

Leading Sales

Whether territory, account, or opportunity/pipeline management, the role of the sales leader is to provide oversight and encouragement, while establishing helpful measurement and reporting disciplines. Sales leaders also must understand what data to analyze and how to analyze it in order to guide them in coaching individuals and the overall team.  All of this is necessary to ensure forecasting is accurate and progress is being made with key relationships and opportunities, ensuring the team ultimately achieves organizational goals and objectives. 

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