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Pharmaceutical & Medical Device

Regulatory compliance... R&D... patents...generics... aggressive competition... multiple stakeholders... procurement... limited time for sales conversations...

We're familiar with the unique challenges faced by pharmaceutical and medical device organizations.  We also are aware that the sales environment for pharmaceutical and medical device teams has important differences.  We understand those differences and the unique challenges of selling to hospitals vs. individual practices and practitioners, as well as the need to reach patients and their families.  

We grasp the impact of dealing with a variety of stakeholders across functions and the issues associated with capturing the attention and mindshare of key stakeholders, often within a limited period of time, and obtaining a commitment to include your products on formularies.  We recognize the need for a multi-pronged strategy to effectively establish and expand relationship.  

We have helped pharmaceutical and medical device organizations effectively differentiate themselves, create and implement relationship and sales strategies, sell against the competition and negotiate in a way that preserves price by leveraging value and a network of relationships.  We would love to do the same for you.

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