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Organizations today are facing greater competition than ever before. Profit margins are being squeezed, regulatory issues are increasing, and decision cycles are longer and more complex. Surveys reveal that buyers have completed 70% of their buying cycle before they ever speak with a salesperson. They are coming to those conversations better armed with information about you and your competitors and with far less patience. In response to those trends, organizations have to add value beyond a conversation about products and services.

At Sphere, we help our clients address a wide variety of today's unique business challenges.  

Understanding Your Unique
Business Environment

While the top business development objectives remain the ability to win, grow and retain clients – how you achieve those objectives has changed. To respond to current market trends, there’s an increased need for a measurable, client-focused sales process, compelling messages that capture client interest and communicate your relevance, and more focused and effective skills as part of an effort to move from transactional provider to trusted advisor/strategic partner – all underpinned by great leadership and coaching. Yet, research indicates that only 29% of salespeople are prepared for today’s marketplace.

At Sphere, we offer consulting, training and coaching services in various aspects of leadership, sales, service, negotiations, presentations and communications – all tailored to address your business goals, objectives and challenges – and designed to align with your business strategy. With our guidance, tools and training, your leaders will be prepared to inspire and drive excellence across the organization and your individual contributors will be armed with the tools and skills they need to be successful in the field. Incorporating Sphere’s core concepts, skills, and tools into your culture will enable team members to elevate their conversations, deliver greater value to clients and colleagues, improve client satisfaction, and ultimately increase revenue generation.

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