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Relentless innovation... need for agility... fierce competition... organic growth... growth through acquisition... threats to security... channel strategies... talent management... sourcing venture capital funding...

As varied as technology companies are, they face many of the same challenges.    We understand those challenges and have helped many technology companies prepare their teams to turn those challenges into opportunities.  


We have worked with leading global technology companies to help them establish a consistent sales process and train their sales teams to execute that process.  

We have helped organizations with strong sales cultures create a coaching culture to underpin that sales culture and generate even greater sales success.  


We have implemented innovative solutions to help clients create and implement channel strategies through consulting and training, both for the internal channel teams and the channel partners.


We have worked across all areas of technology to prepare sales teams to position themselves as trusted advisors or strategic partners as they move beyond the technology department to sell and negotiate at the C-level.  We have helped sales and engineering teams collaborate more effectively internally.  We have heped entire organizations achieve consistency in communicating who they are and what they do.

Regardess of the leadership, sales or communications challenges your team is facing, we can help you too.  We would love to hear from you.

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