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Increased ambiguity in the marketplace has created unique challenges for organizations globally.  Responding to those challenges isn't always easy, but preparing your team can be. Sphere will help you do that in a simple, streamlined way.

Just as the business environment has become more complex, so too have consulting, training and coaching solutions. At Sphere, we cut through the noise and jargon of the industry. We deliver solutions that are clear, easy to understand  and sustainable. Each solution is completely customized to reflect your unique business environment, which increases receptivity and accelerates behavior change.

Inspiring Excellence

How We Can Help


Process Consulting

Whether sales process or operational process, consistency drives scalability – as well as clarity, focus and ultimately quality and even client satisfaction.  


Consistency is essential for growth. At Sphere, we don’t impose a generic process on your organization; we extract your own unique process from you. We then temper your process by providing insight into what we know is making other organizations successful -- resulting in a process that is immediately relevant, increasing receptivity and adoption. A collaborative approach to creating your process also minimizes resistance to change and accelerates the change process.


For those situations where you need an objective third party to lead discussions and/or help you address challenges, Sphere offers facilitation services – enabling leaders to remain focused and fully engaged in the discussion.


Extensive Curriculum

Whether you need to find, win or grow business or hire and develop leaders or create service excellence or a sales or coaching culture, we can help. 


At Sphere we have decades of experience delivering training across all aspects and levels of leadership, sales, negotiations, presentations, communications, and customer service.


All of our training programs are highly interactive and entirely relevant to the day to day experience of each audience. Participants receive "in the action" feedback to improve their performance, which increases awareness and behavior change.


Through collaborative learning, participants are engaged in self-assessing and recognizing their own strengths and areas for improvement. That approach combined with easy to implement tools, enables them to incorporate
training concepts back on the job.


Our extensive curriculum can be delivered in modular or full day formats and on various platforms – webinar, classroom and elearning. For representative training topics...


Individual or Team

Ongoing coaching has been proven the most effective method of training reinforcement – increasing retention of training concepts by 90% (according to the Corporate Executive Board) – and is a critical component of any training initiative or growth strategy. If you aren't able to provide that coaching on your own, we can help you.


Whether you need support prior to making a key presentation, as you work through a challenging opportunity, plan an account strategy, prepare for a challenging negotiation, or want to offer executive coaching for key team members, we can provide coaching support through one-on-one, team, and real deal coaching.


Wherever individuals or teams need additional guidance in our areas of expertise, we can deliver coaching ourselves or prepare members of your team to provide ongoing coaching support for your team.


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500 Terry Francois Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94158

  • Exceptional Leadership:  
    The Foundation

  • Inspirational Coaching for Results

  • Leading Sales

  • Sales/Business Management:  Pipeline Management, Performance Management

  • Leading Change

  • Creating and Communicating Vision, Mission, Values

  • Behavioral Interviewing

  • Sales:  Selling Value (Solo, Teams, Face-to-Face, Telephone), Insight Selling, Storytelling, Cross Selling, Trusted Advisor/Strategic Partner, C-Level, Prospecting/Networking)

  • Negotiations:  Solo, Team, Third Party, Procurement

  • Presentations:  Solo, Team, Seated, Standing, Internal, External

  • Executive Presence

  • Sales Strategy:  Territory, Account, and Opportunity/Pipeline Management

  • Selling through Service


To help embed new skills, every one of our training solutions includes ongoing phone coaching sessions for the managers that lead the teams we train.

Our Training Solutions

  • Exceptional Communication:  
    The Foundation

  • Building Strategic Business Partnerships

  • Executive Presence

  • Influencing without

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