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We’re confident in our approach and in our results.  Our easy to implement solutions provide an immediate return on investment. They pay for themselves – often with just one deal or client call post delivery.

Team:  We have a team of consummate professionals.

Our team consists of passionate and knowledgeable individuals who are absolutely committed to your success and leverage their extensive expertise to address your unique challenges and objectives.  Each has experience working in leadership and sales and have been hand selected for their professionalism, experience, and commitment to delivering the highest quality.


Content:  We have an exceptional depth and breadth of expertise.

In the areas of leadership, sales and communication, we have a broad and deep library of content from which to draw, updated on an ongoing basis by leveraging the latest research and thought leadership, as well as what we learn through our work with thousands of professionals and leading organizations worldwide.


Sustainability:  We provide solutions that have a lasting impact.

Sustained growth is a key outcome of our solutions.  We know training “events” alone don’t stick and we won’t let you buy one.  Sustainability is baked into our solutions through easy-to-implement reinforcement guides and tools that are part of every training solution we provide. Every one of our training solutions includes ongoing phone coaching sessions for the managers that lead the teams we train.

Methodology:  We engage your team in a way that accelerates behavior change.

Our training is highly interactive and entirely relevant to the day to day experience of each audience.  Participants receive ‘in the moment’ feedback to improve their performance, which accelerates awareness and behavior change. Through collaborative learning, participants are engaged in self-assessing and recognizing their own strengths and areas for improvement. That approach, combined with easy to implement tools, enables them to incorporate training concepts back on the job.  Our extensive curriculum can be delivered on various platforms – webinar, classroom and elearning.

Customization:  We fully customize our solutions to your unique needs.

Research from reinforces what we at Sphere have long believed – that deep customization is significantly more effective (72%) than light customization (21%) or no customization (7%).  Our deep, yet streamlined customizing process ensures that we get to the root of your performance challenges in a clear, concise and targeted manner. We identify behavioral objectives with laser focus and use those as the foundation for absolutely relevant content development. The design process can be executed in 6 to 12 weeks depending upon the level of complexity and the availability of your team.  Our design process is one of our key differentiators.  

Measurement:  We work with you to determine how to best measure the effectiveness of what we are providing.

Definitive measurement with regard to "soft skills" and the services we provide has long been a challenge in the learning and development industry given the number of factors that impact success.  At Sphere, we follow The Four Levels of Evaluation/Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model. Effective measurement is something that must be done in partnership and involves working together to: 1) determine from the outset what competencies are being measured and what the current skill level is, 2) ensure your team is committed and prepared to reinforce the process or concepts addressed in our solution and 3) agree on how and when to conduct a post assessment of the agreed upon competencies.  As stated above, many of our solutions pay for themselves within days of delivery.  We are committed to working with you to create a measurement plan that demonstrates the positive impact working with us will have on your business.


For more information, please contact us.

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