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Addressing Your
Business Challenges

Here are some of the business challenges
we can help you address:


  • Communicating and leading change

  • Creating and communicating business vision

  • Creating a coaching culture

  • Managing the pipeline/forecasting

  • Individual objective setting

  • Retaining top talent

  • Hiring the right talent


  • Establishing a consistent sales process and/or language

  • Expanding existing relationships (cross-selling and upselling)

  • Establishing new relationships (growing the pipeline, prospecting,
    asking for referrals)

  • Better pipeline management

  • More accurate forecasting

  • Reducing the length of the sales cycle

  • Developing a sales strategy

  • Moving opportunities through the the sales process more effectively

  • Understanding the client's business/developing business acumen

  • Understanding the client's buying cycle

  • Understanding and navigating the client's decision makers and process

  • Reaching new/more senior level decision makers

  • Selling with insights to capture client/prospect attention and demonstrate credibility

  • Incorporating storytelling into the sales conversation

  • Telling your "story" in a clear, concise, compelling and consistent way across the sales team

  • More effectively managing relationships

  • More effectively managing a territory/book of business


  • Preserving price by selling value

  • Negotiating deals with win-win outcomes

  • Negotiating with Procurement

  • Managing muuuulti-party negotiations

  • Negotiating through intermediaries

  • Dealing with adversarial negotiators


  • Creating a positive customer service experience

  • Establishing consistency across the call center

  • Dealing with challenging clients without damaging the relationship

  • Leveraging service conversations to cross-sell/upsell


  • Making more effective general presentations

  • Knowing how to prepare effectively for presentations

  • Working effectively to deliver team presentations

  • Presenting over multi-media

  • Delivering final presentations

  • Delivering capabilities presentations

  • Delivering a consistent version of Your Story

  • Developing powerful visuals and using them appropriately


  • Communicating capabilities/solutions internally and externally more effectively

  • Understanding your internal client's business needs

  • Mapping internal ideas and capabilities to business needs

  • Becoming an internal consultant to the business

If any of these issues sound familiar, or you are facing other similar challenges, please let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

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