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Professional Services

Industry consolidation... growth through acquisition... mega competitors... regulations... autonomy... higher client expectations... pressure to expand relationships... differentiation... developing and maintaining industry expertise... talent development... business development/revenue generation...  

We're familiar with the unique business environment within professonal servces organizations and the challenges associated with that environment. Practices run by partners develop into their own organizations within the larger whole, making consistency in process and a common culture difficult to achieve. 


We understand how challenging it is to find time to build the business when your top talent is dedicated to a case, project or client or to compete effectively when what you provide is viewed as a commodity or you are facing aggressive and sometimes long standing incumbent competitors.  

We know how challenging it is to expand relationships while working within regulatory guidelines, leveraging insight from across the account team and ensuring people across the organization are aware of what are often diverse capabilities.  We realize how difficult it is to develop new talent while satisfying client expectations.  

We have helped a variety of professional services organizations (consulting, accounting and law firms) implement coaching cultures, effectively differentiate themselves, create and implement relationship and sales strategies, sell against the competition and negotiate in a way that preserves price by leveraging value and a network of relationships.  We would love to do the same for you.

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