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The hospitality industry is facing multiple simultaneous challenges -- and addressing one can exacerbate another, making it difficult for orgaizations to determine where to focus and in what order.


Regardless of the strategy you choose to implement, we can help your leaders refine, communicate and communicate that strategy, then train your teams to ensure they have the skills required to implement new initiatives, whether they need to provide a higher level of customer service, sell or cross-sell more effectively, negotiate more profitable contracts (leveraging value to preserve price and terms), or coach teams to reinforce strengths and address areas for improvement, while also keeping the training alive and evaluating how well teams are embracing change.    

We can help you address these or any other leadership, sales and communications needs you might be facing.  We would love to hear from you.

An ongoing battle for customer loyalty... higher customer service expectations... increased costs vs. shrinking client budgets... focus on revenue generation / cross-selling... consolidation / absorbing brands... shifting consumer interests... adapting to economic and generational differences... technological advancements impacting operations... endless competition... demands for property improvements... union staffing...

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